1934 - 1936

Ramon Beulas and Narcis Pujol created Beulas. They built bodyworks made of wood.


The chassis of a lorry was transformed into a coach. The staff was of twelve workers.

1937 - 1939

During the Spanish Civil War, Beulas built ambulance bodies for the army.

1940 - 1953

In this period, bodyworks were made to order for each customer, producing some 6 units a year.

1954 - 1955

At that time some 10 units were being made each year and the firm had 20 amployees.

1956 - 1958

They are years of transition. They build bodyworks made from wood, metallic, and mixed ones.

1963 - 1966

The area of the company is extended with 900 additional m2. Chassis with the front engine and rear engine are started to be produced, with a length of 12 mts and 59 seats.

1967 - 1968

Vehicles began to be standardised, particulary the front and rear parts. The staff by now consisted of 40 workers.

1975 - 1977

In this period, a new bodywork was created with its own design and personality, named BEULAS 75. The factory premises were enlarged to some 10,000 m2, of which 3,400 m2 were built up.

1980 - 1987

In the year 1980, Beulas obtained a big success with the bodywork models SUPER PANORAMA and PANORAMA. In the year 1983 was built the model EUROSTAR E-83.

1988 - 1992

Appears the model STERGO, and a new extension of the factory of 4000 m2.The total number of workers increases to 96.

1993 - 1999

The exterior market is increased with the Germany and England countries, besides Beulas take part in the International Shows from Italy, France, Belgium….

2000 - 2005

The staff of the company is 190 workers and the production of 200 units every year. A new model is introduced with two versions, Aura and Cygnus. This new design incorporates important technologic improvements.


Restyling of two models: the classic Stergo that will be called Spica, with a more modern design that shows a big dynamism and the remodelling of the minibus model Gianino. We are still working for offering coaches with a big quality, reliability and a high profitability.



BEULAS, S.A.U. is a family firm which started operations in 1934 and has grown constantly through three generations. The chronologic evolution is the following:

1934-1936 1936 1937-1939 1940-1953 1954-1955 1956-1958
1963-1966 1967-1968 1975-1977 1980-1987 1988-1992 1993-1999
2000-2005 2006 2008-2009 2012
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