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Beulas, SAU as owner of the domain is an entity established at c/Riera Xica, s/n, 17401 Arbúcies (Girona) and registered with the number ES-A17030529. Contact details: telephone number +34 972860100; main email address
It is registered with the Girona Mercantile Register, page 151, volume 201, 3rd section of the book 126, sheet nr 2199, 1st entry, dated on November 19th, 1976


Privacy Policy

Beulas, SAU ensures the confidentiality of the personal data provided voluntarily by the user of the website. In accordance with article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection, and the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU (Regulation UE 2016/679, of April 27, 2016), personal data introduced or sent through the website will be stored in a database, owned by Beulas, SAU, in order to provide the user with the information or service required and will be treated with the quality principles of the data and in accordance with the law. This information will always be available for the user in order to access, cancel, oppose and modify it by sending a written note with a copy of the personal identification document attached, to the address  c/Riera Xica, s/n, 17401 Arbúcies (Girona) or to the email address


Quality Policy

The main goal of the quality policy is to become more competitive and increase our presence in different markets around the globe. The key factor to achieve this objective is to provide our customer with the best quality products.
We put our efforts on the maintenance of a quality management system focused on the continual improvement of each and every process and resource. This system must ensure that the manufactured and delivered products meet the legal requirements as well as the specifications demanded by our current and potential customers, accomplishing their needs and expectations.
Following the principle: “Quality should not be controlled but manufactured” we focus our system on risk prevention rather than the detection and solution of deviations. This method emphasizes the concept of the "internal client" inside the production sequence which helps to ensure the quality standards of the organization. This will allow us to achieve both the quality level required in the market and the compliance of the strategic plan of the company.
In order to be efficient, this concept will have to be transferred to every section in the organization and developed by all the personnel.
The Directors of the company will ensure compliance of the actions that will lead to the compliance of the quality policy and at the same time, will suggest the modifications that will allow the system to consolidate or improve.


Additional Information

We reserve the right to make improvements or changes in the information, services, products and other contents of this website. For any extension and/or clarification of the information please contact our sales department.


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