BEULAS, SAU (hereinafter, “BEULAS”) has opened the website to provide personal information for its users. Their use of the website is subject to compliance with the general terms of access and use set out below (“General Conditions”) and to the applicable legal requirements. From the time you decide to access the site, browse around it and use it, you are accepting without reservation the General Conditions, which prevail over any other agreement you might otherwise have with BEULAS or its representatives.

General Conditions

1. Copyright

All the materials included on the site are the copyright of BEULAS.

These materials may not be copied or reproduced save in so far as is necessary to view them on-line. Notwithstanding this, you may print complete pages from the site for your own personal use.

Subject to the overall stipulations provided below, BEULAS may allow users to download Desktop Backgrounds, Screensavers and other utilities. Such downloads are subject to the BEULAS Download Terms and Conditions.

2. Information on products and services

These screens provide an overview of the BEULAS range of products and services.

Bearing in mind the interactive nature of the site, BEULAS reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice the information on this site relating to the technical specifications and equipment of the models presented, without such modification representing any undertaking from BEULAS or its employees.

BEULAS is likewise at your disposal for any information on prices, availability of the models presented and latest developments.

The characteristics of the vehicles presented on the website are correct at the time they are posted on-line or the various pages of the site are updated. The pictures of the vehicles presented may not coincide with the range offered for sale by BEULAS at that time.

3. Personal information

BEULAS assures you that your personal particulars will be kept confidential.

BEULAS respects the privacy of all who visit this website. This Clause sets out what information will be gathered and how it will be used by BEULAS.

BEULAS will not gather any information that might identify you personally (such as your given name, surname(s), address, telephone number or e-mail address) – i.e. your “Personal Information” – unless you provide it voluntarily.

If you do provide BEULAS with your Personal Information, that information will be saved on file and may be used in the future for the purposes of marketing, market research, sales data control and to make contact with you. BEULAS may, for these same purposes, circulate this information within its group of companies and to its representatives.

If you do not wish to receive further information, please check the box shown under the forms on this page and then press “send”.

If you have already provided your Personal Information but would now like to remove it from our files, please contact us by writing to the e-mail address or calling the telephone number given under point 6 of this Clause. We will make every reasonable effort to remove your information from our files.

4. Non-personal information gathered automatically

We may in some cases gather non-personal information about you. This includes the type of Internet browser and operating system you use and the website domain from which you accessed our website or clicked on our banner.

5. Information we can place automatically on your computer’s hard disk

During your visit to this website we may save certain information on your computer. This information will take the form of a “Cookie” or similar file that will be of mutual assistance to us in many ways. Such Cookies allow us, for example, to adjust our website or banners to suit your interests or preferences. Most Internet browsers allow you to delete Cookies from your computer hard disk, block their entry or receive a warning before saving a Cookie. To acquaint yourself more fully with such functions, please consult your browser or help screen.

6. Who to contact

If you have sent your Personal Information through our pages and would like that information to be removed from our files, please contact us at our e-mail address: - tel 972 860 100. We will make every possible effort to remove this information from our current files.

7. Site security and passwords

For the purposes of the security of this website and to ensure that it is available to all users at all times, BEULAS uses software programs to monitor network traffic and identify non-authorised attempts to download or alter the information displayed or otherwise cause damage. Non-authorised attempts to download or change the information included on this website is strictly forbidden and shall be pursued legally.

8. Limitation of liability

Users of the website are exposed to risks. Under no circumstances can BEULAS or the members of its network accept liability for direct or indirect problems, material harm, data or program loss or financial loss resulting from access or use of its website or of the websites with which it has links. The content of the website is presented without warranty of any kind.

9. Updating of the general conditions

BEULAS reserves the right to modify and update at any time access to the website and the General Conditions thereof. Such modifications and updates affect users in the sense that they have to go to this section to check the General Conditions in current force at any given time.

....................................................Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, Verbesserungen oder Änderungen an den Informationen, Diensten, Produkten und anderen Inhalten dieser Webseite zu machen. Für jede Erweiterung und / oder Aufklärung der Informationen können Sie sich an unsere Handelsabteilung wenden.